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Everyone is strong. It is not a matter of strength to get through situations, it is determination.



_Gouache on Paper_

The distorted story of Alice in Wonderland inspired me to combine images that together might seem psychotic and impulsive, but which might actually lead the viewer to realize how easy it is to label something “absurd” simply because it might appear nonsensical to their personal reality. Did the author Lewis Carroll create the warped and perverted fairytale world of Wonderland because the world around him seemed too confusing to gauge what made sense, or did he create it out of an immense disappointment of his existence and he preferred to be in a world of mad imagination over reality. This work combines very dark and light elements, which do contrast, but this brings attention to the details of the brighter objects and reveals the depth of the gloom. Another aspect of the composition that I intended to highlight is the thought of, “If the contents were a reality, how would they come together? How would it work?” While it is easy to question things as obvious as the odd structure of this piece, especially with the proportions of the items, people rarely stop to analyze and pick apart their truths. This piece might spur the question, “How much of our reality is an illusion influenced by our individual thought process and mentality?” Maybe people need a little crazy to realize how “normal” is entirely subjective.

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